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A podcast by a couple of cutie patooties - Savannah and Kyndel Dollison.

Savannah...aka the creator of the show. She starts off each episode by celebrating an obscure holiday and sharing fun facts about that holiday's topic with her co-host, Kyndel...aka Tinnel. They goof around, share stories, and introduce you to a musical guest. You will hear all kinds of genres of music from folks all over the U.S. 

Come laugh with all of them and hear some awesome tunes!

If you'd like to be a guest on the show, visit our Contact page and send us a sample of your original music.

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Host / Savannah "Banana" Dollison
Co-Host / Kyndel "Tinnel" Dollison



News & Updates


No Volcano - Arizona

Band members Jim Andreas, Christopher Kennedy, Jeremy Randall and Jake Sevier take us on a journey to New York in the 1970's where Glam Rock is king and we worship the sounds of the drums, bass, and electric guitar. 

Check 'em out in the season one finale!

photo by Sara J Griffin

photo by Sara J Griffin

No Volcano has an album out called "Who Saved the Party" and we're playing a couple favorite songs from that CD in the show. They've got a brand new album that's getting ready to be released, hopefully in October. To stay up to date on their new release, upcoming shows, and more, connect with them on Facebook, Soundcloud, and their record label's Bandcamp (including other Arizona area music).

Also, Zia Records included a new song, "Handsome Lover" on their seasonal compilation, but it is only released on cassette. That song will also be on No Volcano's album to be released in October.


The Breton Sound - louisiana

In an age where EDM, mindless pop, hip-hop, country, and indie music are ruling the airwaves & bandwith, it’s easy to believe when the talking heads say rock music is dead. This band disagrees.

Since 2010, New Orleans natives The Breton Sound have been proving them wrong with their brand of energetic, melodic, and anthemic rock and roll. The band’s co-founders, singer/guitarist Jonathan Pretus (formerly of Cowboy Mouth) and guitarist Stephen Turner, have helmed the release of their first two EP’s, 2011’s “Eudaemonia,” and 2013’s “Maps,” to rave reviews. Upon the release of “Maps,” PASTE Magazine hailed them as one of “12 Louisiana Bands You Should Listen To.”

Photos by Eau Claire Photographics

The Breton Sound has toured throughout the southeast and mid-west, including stops at such major festivals as the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Milwaukee Summerfest, the Voodoo Experience.

The band’s rhythm section, consisting of twin brothers John and Joe Bourgeois, are no strangers to the road. John came up in the regionally popular ska band Fatter Than Albert, while Joe honed his chops touring the country in NOLA-based indie band MyNameIsJohnMichael.
(To continue reading about the Breton Sound, click Here.)

Connect with The Breton Sound:
Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Youtube - Soundcloud
Spotify - Bandsintown


Priest - ORlando, FL

PRIEST is an electronic-based indie-pop duo comprised of vocalist MADELINE PRIEST and producer DAVID KAZYK. Equal parts Passion Pit and Still Corners, PRIEST finds a balance between lush sonic textures and danceable, irresistible pop. Formerly known as X PRIEST X, the group's 2015 debut self-titled LP is full of soaring electro-pop ditties complete with lush synths, trance-enducing rhythms, and Madeline's enchanting vocals. Both their newly released LP and 2014's Samurai EP have captured the attention of music fans and critics alike garnering widespread praise among notable outlets (NME, Stereogum, The Fader), and earned them well positioned live slots performing with JOYWAVE, YOUNG EMPIRES, and GRACE MITCHELL.

PRIEST is doing a string of FREE releases this summer on Soundcloud! You can download "Don't Let Go" and "Dark Sun" for FREE right now.

You can connect with PRIEST here:

Facebook - Twitter - Spotify - Instagram - Soundcloud


Go Murphy - Fargo, ND

Go Murphy is an Indie Rock band from Fargo, ND, comprised of Marcus Rondestvedt (Vocals, Guitar), Ryan Dahl (Bass, Backing Vocals), Jason Forthun (Guitar), and Tom Hill (Drums). Formed in May of 2011, Go Murphy self-released a four song self-titled EP in April of 2012. Their first full length album titled ‘A is A’ was self-released in May of 2013 and has enjoyed both local and national success including international radio play. Go Murphy just released their new album "Buildings" and it is available on iTunes.

Photos by Darren Losee - Urban Toad Media

You can connect with Go Murphy on:

Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - Tumbler - Soundcloud

Photos by Brian Adams

Marian Call is hard at work reinventing, or possibly preinventing, her musical self. She has been singing in public since she was knee-high to a grasshopper, and since that time she has performed music in nearly every genre -- classical art song, musicals, gospel, pop, country, rock, folk, jazz, and all kinds of choral music. She's currently hard at work touring, writing, recording, and performing as hard as she can. She aspires to have an actual band someday. She has lots of albums, "Vanilla," "Got to Fly," "Something Fierce," and lots more, available (directly from the artist) through Also, Marian talks too much.

Connect with Marian:

Facebook - Twitter - Official Site - Bandcamp


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